Filippo Ferroni

Research Papers

Working Papers and works in progress:

Mind the Gap! Stylized dynamic facts and structural models (2018), with C. Canova

The Missing Link: Monetary Policy and the Labor share (2018), with C. Cantore and M. Leon-Ledesma 

Delphic and Odyssean monetary policy shocks: Evidence from the euro-area (2016), with P. Andrade



The limits of forward guidance (2019) Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 108(C), pages 118-134; with J. Campbell, JD Fisher, L. Melosi.  

Detecting and Analyzing the Effects of Time-Varying Parameters in DSGE Models (2019) International Economic Review, vol. 61(1), pages 105-125, February; with F. Canova and C. Matthes. 

Comparing post-crisis dynamics across Euro Area countries with the Global-Multi country model (2019); Economic Modelling, vol. 81(C), pages 242-273; with A. Albonico, L. Cales, R. Cardani, O. Croitorov, M. Giovannini, S. Hohberger, B. Pataracchia, F. Pericoli, R. Raciborski, W. Roeger, L. Vogel.

Selecting Structural Innovations in DSGE models (2019) with S. Grassi and M. Leon-Ledesma. Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 34(2), pages 205-220, March. Link to  Online Appendix

The Dynamics of Hours Worked and Technology (2017); Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 82(C), pages 67-82, with C. Cantore, M. Leon-Ledesma.

The Euro Area business cycles in turbulent times: convergence or decoupling? (2015), Applied Economics, Vol. 47 with B. Klaus.

Choosing the variables to estimate singular DSGE models (2014), Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 29(7); with F. Canova and C. Matthes,

The dynamics of US inflation: can monetary policy explain the changes ? (2012) Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 167, with F. Canova.

Trend agnostic one-step estimation of DSGE models (2011), The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol 11, Issue 1 (Advances), Article 25.

Multiple filtering devices for the estimation of cyclical DSGE models (2011), Quantitative Economics, Volume 2, Issue 1, with F. Canova. (Appendix)

Comments on MEDEA: A DSGE model for the Spanish Economy (2010), Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, Volume 1, Numbers 1-2.


Other publications:

The Macroeconomic Effects of the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act, (2019), Economic Perspectives, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, issue 2, pages 2-12. (with J. Campbell, J. Fisher and L. Melosi)

The missing link: Monetary policy and the labour share,  VoXEU, CEPR Policy Portal, March 27 2019. (with C. Cantore and M Leon-Ledesma)


Old Working Papers:

Domestic and Global Inflation (2015), with B. Mojon

Did the tax polity mitigate the US business cycles ? (2010) WP BdF n. 296.